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Ian Dickie Product Overview

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Ian Dickie represents leading international pump manufacturers. Operating from a nationwide network of branches & agents Ian Dickie offers a full SALES and HIRE pump service to industry. This includes, construction, mines & quarries, municipal, water treatment works, shipyards & harbours and the petrochemical industries.. More »

High Pressure Jetting

Matching the flow rate with pressure is the key to effective high pressure cleaning. We combine the latest technology, utilising professional plunger pumps with internationally renowned engines and motors. With pressures ranging from 40 to 1400 bar, our high pressure water machines are used for Cleaning, Jetting, Demolition and Wet Sand Blasting. There are numerous applications in the Automotive, Industrial, Civils, Mining, Marine and Agriculture sectors More »


Compaction and Vibration units for effective consolidation High vibration output at a low service and maintenance cost. High quality is guaranteed as the latest technologies, precision CNC engineering, metallurgical treatment methods and stringent quality control are exercised. More »

Drain / Pipe Cleaner

Our range of Drain Rods, Jet machines and Bucket Winches effectively removes Sand, Rags, Roots and Solid Debris in pipes from 75mm to 2000mm. More »


Our Generators, Lighting Plants and Motor Welding Sets are especially well suited for construction, municipal and mining operations.
2.2kVA to 10kVA sets that are perfectly balanced to provide continuous power. Portable power sets that are light weight, robust and mounted in tubular steel framework. The latest self regulating, self exciting brushless alternators are powered by either petrol or diesel engines. More »

Concrete Mixers

A complete range of Concrete Production Machines from standard Side Tilt Mixers, to Mobile Truck Mixers as well as Two to Five Ton Dumpers. Offering a wide range of professional heavy duty side tilt Concrete Mixers to Self loading hydraulically operated reverse drum mixers. Available in two wheel, four wheel and high speed towing versions.Ranging from 90 to 500lt wet mix. Including heavy duty dumpers, two and four wheel drive 1500-3000kg capacity. Electric start diesel engine. More »

Concrete Preparation

We offer a complete range of professional machines, including the latest in laser screeding technology, ride-on power trowels, power floats, screed beams and poker vibrators.More »


Ian Dickie stock a wide range of saws to fulfill the cutting needs of the most demanding user, including tile saws, masonary saws and a wide range of pavement and slab saws.More »

Lighting Plant

Our Lighting Plants are especially well suited for Construction, Municipal and Mining Operations.
More »

Road Products

Our road traffic products include a wide range of low intensity and high intensity lamps and beacons.. More »

Builders Platform Hoist

Ian Dickie’s Heavy Duty Mobile Builders Hoist is supplied complete with two 3m mast sections and includes a full hydraulically operated cable winch with an automatic drumbreaking feature (Failsafe).. More »